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From the Radio Site: Myofascial Release therapy (MFR) is getting increased attention due to its proven success in reducing or eliminating acute and chronic pain and eliminating the need for many types of surgery. By focusing on releasing the restrictions within the fascial system MFR therapy helps with a host of injuries and ailments in children and adults.

Fascia, a web of connective tissue that spreads from head to toe, covers and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, vessel, nerve and cell in the body. When fascia becomes stiff and restricted, it is a major source of pain, according to Sepi Aeen, MPT, founder of From The Heart Physical Therapy, Reseda Ranch, CA, and an expert in Myofascial Release therapy.

Surgery, trauma, inflammation, poor posture, and injuries create myofascial restrictions. MFR is a non-surgical, medication-free holistic therapy that treats the cause of pain, not just the symptoms, resulting in long term outcomes.

Myofascial Release therapy consists of gentle sustained elongation or compression in the areas of tightness or pain, releasing the fascia and freeing up the spaces in between the joints, muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels. The treatment restores fluidity, elongates elastin and collagen fibers and results in increased flexibility, strength and function, she said. As part of our MFR therapy, we empower our patients to become their own therapist by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for self-care in the home.

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