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From The Heart Physical Therapy is the only Myofascial Release Wellness center located in the heart of San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

Fascia's Importance

Fascia is a pervasive tissue that surrounds and connects all body structures. It can become rigid due to various factors, leading to chronic pain and limited movement.

Gentle, Customized Approach

MFR uses gentle techniques to release fascial restrictions, tailored to each individual's needs, focusing on restoring motion and relieving pain.

Proven Safety and Effectiveness

MFR, developed by John Barnes, is highly safe and effective, with a track record of helping patients recover from challenging conditions and often avoiding surgery.

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People Love Us!

We have had so many success stories over the years, but nothing really describes the magic like our stories and testimonials!
Sheila Kar, MD

Sheila Kar, MD

Clinical Chief of Cardiology Cedars Sinai Heart Institute

"I first witnessed the miraculous healing effect of MFR by Sepi over 3 years ago through a patient who was oxygen-dependent with end-stage interstitial lung disease and a poor candidate of a lung transplant who was given less than 6 months to live." --more.

Kenneth Kleinman, MD

Kenneth Kleinman, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine UCLA School of Medicine

"Your unique abilities and practice provide both therapeutic and restorative function to individuals whose injuries or post-operative experiences have caused chronic pain, disability and the inability to live life that is without pain and disability." -- more!

Amy A.

Amy A.

Encino, CA

"Within nine months of being introduced to Sepi, I have been measured an inch taller that I was prior to treatment. I see Sepi when my travel schedule of airplanes and hotels makes me feel a little crooked to prevent and set-backs; I am able to do regular exercises at the gym to keep my muscles strong." --more!

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